Are  you an amature singer who wonders if you have REAL talent? Here's what I would like to do. I would like to hold singing competions on this page. You would upload a video (preferably) performance to youtube .com. I would post a few on this page and I, and I alone (not the person who has the most friends)
will judge your talent  and choose a winner. You will be judged on singing ability and showmanship.The winner will have their choice of any 1 item from my cd or dvd catalog....OK, so you're not gonna get rich or famous, but you'll have your performance posted here, bragging rights and I think it will be fun! Contact me if you're interested ....go to the
homepage to e-mail me.
The FIRST SING WITH NICK Impersonantion contest! Jan.'08
I held an impersonation contest hosted Contestants were allowed to submit ANY impersonation . There were 54 entries!  These were the 3 winners.They not only win BRAGGING RIGHTS, but were allowed  to chose any one of my CD'S or DVD'S from this site. Response was so good I WILL be holding another contest soon!  THANKS to ALL who participated! Nick
Adam King-England, as ELVIS.
Absolutey superb impersonation of ELVIS from the movie GI BLUES.Elvis is a very complex voice. His voice went thru subtle changes every few years thu-out the 50's,60's and 70's. Adam captured a remarkable early 60's ELVIS -without over-Elvising.
Hayley Lernihan-England, as OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN. This was not a look-a-like contest, but it didnt hurt that Hayley strongly resembles Olivia! Wonderfull impersonation of Olivia -a subtle , yet  very distinct voice. These are sometimes the hardest voices to impersonate. I noticed a little projection issue of some power notes, but feel confident Hayley can conqure those :)
Kazz-England, as THE LITTLE MERMAID. Another outstanding job of a subtle yet distict voice -That of Ariel!
Not only has Kazz captured the voice, but she has also managed to convey ''emotion'' thru her singing-something alot of people forget. Kazz could easily slip into Ariels flippers anytime!