NICK in the Press- My show attracts a lot of attention for the spectical it is! With my rapid fire costume and personality changes, it seems to be a favorite news photographers and reporters.
I'll be adding more press clippings as I go thru my archives. Stay tuned!
Article from the WRIGHTWAY HARDWARE show. Thanks to Mike Casale for hosting the show& Hot Tub Paul for sending me this clipping! Nick Mulpagano
Insert from the AUBURN CITIZEN
Not many people know I was on the LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW.
No trick photography here-I'll be posting the ACTUALL VIDEO soon! Nick Mulpagano
Fulton NY-Palladium Times coverage of my show for the A.R.C. -Nick Mulpagano
Frank Sinatra and his Radio City Music Hall Rocketts at North Sracuses Family Days-Nick Mulpagano
I was flattered that one of my fans would take the time to sketch my portait-Nick Mulpagano
Nothing made me happier when my picture was chosen for Flint Mitchell's book ''YOU CAN BUILD THE LOST IN SPACE
Nick Mulpagano