SING with Nick photo gallery page 3
The above pictures are from a show for the COHOES MOOSE LODGE, COHOES, NY-lots of fun!Nick Mulpagano
From  my shows aboard the COSTA CRUISE ship-Nick Mulpagano
George Burns-One of my most dramatic transformations-Nick Mulpagano
Whenever you see me with a cigarette and wine glass, you can bet I'm singing some DEAN MMARTIN - Nick Mulpagano
Who says white boys can't rap...certainly NOT Kermit the Frog! Nick Mulpagano
O'l Blue Eyes had one of the lrgest Rockette Kicking lines at a recent RED HAT LADIES function at Bonnie Castle , Alexandria Bay NY. Nick Mulpagano
Nick Mulpagano as NEIL DIAMOND
Nick and sister in-law Cindy Mulpagano
Nick Mulpagano as FRANK SINATRA
Heating up the stage as RICKY MARTIN-Nick Mulpagano
It's always fun to perform in my hometown of Liverpool NY, for an outdoor concert. Nick Mulpagano
Nick Mulpagano and local
children's show legend ''The Play Lady'' (Jean Daughtey)',from ''THE MAGIC TOY SHOP'' I always greeted Jean with wide open arms and yelled ''Playyyyyyyyy Ladyyyyyyy!'' It was such an honor that she was a fan of mine, since I've been a fan of hers since I was 5 years old :)